User Specific Templates!

The Traditional Problem With Web2Print In The Absence Of User Specific Templates

For the last ten years every time you heard the phrase web2print pictures of business cards and stationery begin to conjure in your head. Web2Print has traditionally been something that you got into in order to expand your offerings to current customer through simple template orders of commodity products. What web2print very much was not is a system that allowed your biggest and best customers to order all their marketing campaigns or common re-order print items. The very simple reason for this is that unless you built a sub domain for every customer there was no way to give a customer access to their templates and only their templates. Now, thanks to user specific templates, that’s no longer the case!

How user specific templates work

With the advances in template technology we can now code templates and image galleries to User profiles. Now you can upload all of a customer’s resource files and base templates, so they are immediately accessible through your site. These templates don’t have to be single piece either. You can upload files based upon full packages which means you can all of print items in a marketing piece grouped together. Then base the per piece pricing accordingly so that all a customer has to do is grab the package they want, make quick edits, choose or upload a list and then check out.

Use Case Scenario

Let’s say you have a nonprofit group that you work with and they have a monthly appeal package. The Appeal is made up of a #10 OE, #9 CRE, 8 ½ x 14 letter and 8 ½ x 11 brochure. They also have a Gift Receipt package, Acquisition package, Stationary that you don’t currently run and pocket folders. Additionally they want to occasionally run post cards to targeted list.

When the customer logs in they would see each of these packages underneath their User templates. If they wanted to run their monthly appeal, they would click on “Appeal Package” where the editor would pull up the art for every piece in that package. They can quickly edit the tag line on the OE, change the BRE code, paste the letter text, change out the pictures on the brochure through their images in the resource gallery and then upload their list.

All of the files would drop into their cart with current postage where they could check out. An entire appeal package updated, edited and paid for in minutes! Without having to use their internal/external design team or go through the typical 5 day back and forth of approval and list. If they have multiple versions based upon list then they would simply paste in a new letter for each list upload. Thus removing the possibility of human error of the wrong list to the wrong letter.

How this is a paradigm shift

User specific templates changes everything! You immediately make your customers job multitudes easier and at the same time tie them to you permanently. You become their store house for all art files and the way they edit and update marketing campaigns instead of using their internal designers. It’s a win/win for you and your customer, both of you cut cost and precious time out of the standard marketing model.