Top 5 Most Used Web 2 Print Software

OnPrintShop – Top 5 Web To Print

As one of the original W2P software companies OPS has been around since 2001. OnPrintShop has the largest number of subscribers and a strong selection of plug ins to add in your storefront. They have a range of Web To Print storefronts from simple usage all the way up to customizable solutions. You cost increases at every level because they can be custom built to client need.

You will find there are a limited number of templates available for purchase. Also you will find a design editor that is robust, even though it looks somewhat dated. If you are a print and mail shop they check most of the boxes. An online editor, custom store fronts and ability to integrate third party list builder. The only major complaint they receive in their reviews is the time it takes to create customer templates. Because of this you may need to have a new dedicated staff person to manage template build and upload. In looking for a Web To Print solution your main hidden can be staff over head.

EFI – Top 5 Web To Print

You may have heard of EFI as they are one of the largest manufacturers of Large Format and Wide Format digital presses. EFI is well known in the printing world. If you are already a customer and looking at their Web To Print solutions, MarketDirect is their version. Market Direct has been used by hundreds of companies and been in use since 2008. If you are looking for something basic they have a simple and straight forward system. MarketDirect is ready to go out of the box since it is hosted by EFI. You may not like the fact however that they achieve this by it being sub domain. 

You may not be as pleased with their Editor tool since it isn’t robust as some of the newer html5 editors on the market. However simplifying the software does cut down on the time you will spend to create new art templates for customers. MarketDirect has user specific log ins and it also has the ability to link in third party list systems. If you are a large format printer then it will be best suited for you. This is because EFI also has a host of additional production workflow software you can add on that is targeted toward large/wide format manufacturers.

Propago – Top 5 Web To Print

If you are a Frachise, Real Estate group or a fulfillment company then Propago may be a good fit. Propago has one of the best looking and most intuitive editors in the market today. If you are looking for quick on boarding and don’t mind the addtinal cost, Propago offers the option to buy a full on boarding package. The on boarding package includes the build out of customer templates, which you will find is the most time consuming process.

For those of you in the fulfillment world their inventory management and product fulfillment tools are built into the dashboard. If you are a Franchisee you will like that they have great overlay templates for apparel and promo items. However, the main draw back you will find with Propago is there isn’t a built-in list/demographic builder. This absence of a list builder limits the use case to items that will print and ship or pick/pack ship.

Aleyant – Top 5 Web To Print

If you aren’t ready to fully dive into the world of automation for all customer marketing campaigns than Pressero is a great in between option. Pressero by Aleyant is one of the industries best production management systems. Pressero is also the Web To Print storefront built on top of this production management system. So if you are looking for something inexpensive to start, Pressero is one of the more cost effective systems. Since it is not a true “all-in-one”.

Pressero has all the basic tools you will need: custom skin, PDF editor tool, Social Media, SEO (through InCart marketing plug-in) and analytics. You won’t be able to fully transition customers online as it doesn’t have the ability to store customer art files segmented by user ID. However it does have the ability for you to build out separate customer skins as sub domains. Like Propago, Pressero does not have a built-in list/demographic builder.

Vision Creative Group – Top 5 Web To Print

If you are a local sign shop, VCG is the system for you. For 17 years VCG has served the small and local sign market with their online purchasing tools. They specialize in creating eye-catching user-friendly web sites that have customer ordering portals built in. As a turnkey solution, all you will need to do is answer a few simple questions. Then upload logos and some photos of your work and that’s it!