Frequently Asked Questions

You ask we answer! We know today most customers like to do their own research and the one thing they hate more than anything else is not getting the answers they need in order to make a decision and have to call or schedule an appointment to get it. No one wants to be ’sold’ something so our goal is to provide you with every data point you need to make an informed decision.

What is the white glove service?

The white glove service included with every license is a full team of operations staff at your disposal for the conversion of Customer Art files into editable templates inside as the marketplace as well as any changes needed to User Profiles, Image Galleries, IT support and anything else needed for the day to day of your platform. Our white glove service is what sets the EnFo Platform apart from every other software available today that would require you to train in house or bring in additional staff to set up your templates and products. With our white glove service there is no additional time requirements on your staff.

What makes the EnFo template editor different?

Our Editor is based on Adobe InDesign with all the power and functionality a customer would have with a direct subscription. The use of the tools has been simplified so that even the most basic user can easily create beautiful customized art from their base templates. This allows for all of a customers templates to be uploaded with the ability for them to go in and make the required edits based on the specific campaign. The editor can support single front and back art templates as well as multi product templates that allow for campaigns like a full #10 package to be uploaded and edited: Outer Envelope, Brochure, Return Envelope, Letter, Return Piece, etc.

What kind of files do I get after a customer completes their order?

Once your customer approves their proof and completes their order you will receive a high res layered PDF with bleeds and crops ready to go into production. When the customer chooses a mail list item you will also receive the sorted mail file (including IMB’s) with all the required postal paperwork based on your account information.

I expect high order volume and want to be able to grab all my order files for day in one location instead of the Admin Panel, is that possible?

Yes! We have an SFTP upload feature that will grab every job ordered in the platform and package them by art file (combined with mail list where applicable) so that you can quickly grab your files and set your press run for the day.

How are my data files sorted?

We use your MID and CRID along with all of your entry point information so that every list file is sorted and ready to go to the post office. Your list files can be customized to whatever your company specifics are.

How long does it take for my order funds to deposit in my bank account?

Using all of your order funds will deposit within 24 hours of order completion.

What kind of analytics are available?

We built your portal to be an Ocean of data points with the most granular information available which means when tied to Metorik’s analytic tool you can see everything happening in your company that is tied to the platform. Orders, abandoned carts, Gross Profit, Profit by category, VIP customers, dormant customers, inventory counts, burn rates and so much more!

When is my license fee charged?

Your license fee begins 15 business days after you sign up (enough time for your portal to be completed and finished in on boarding) and then is charged on the 1st of every month.

Is there a limit to how customer accounts I have in the system?

There is no limit to the number of customer accounts you can have in the system and there is no limit to the amount of orders those users can submit on a monthly basis. Users and quantity of renderings does not affect your license cost.

Are there any ready to go art templates my customers can use?

Yes there are hundreds of ready to go art templates that are included in your license fee, the total number of free art templates is added to every month for an ever growing library to encourage more customer orders.

How would this work for a Customer that mails multiple versions of #10/6x9 packages?

The beauty of our Editor tool is that it can be used for more than just simple products like post cards or flyers. It is designed to be used for complex orders like Appeal and Acquisition packages that have multiple items and sizes in the package. Since the editor has all the functionality of InDesign your customer can begin and complete campaign orders 100% inside of your portal. With the ability to upload their own art files or choose to build a demographic list your client can easily build multi version campaigns based on list and variable data.

What is a Geo Ad?

A Geo Ad is an online ad that targets prospects based upon where their cell phone is. Your platform is preloaded with templates in the correct size for easy upload into Chalk Digitals system allowing you to expand your capabilities into the digital realm and ability to offer your customers omni-channel marketing campaigns combining print and on-line.

What is included in my Training?

Your training will cover everything needed from both a user experience involving all the tools in the system to your Admin side with all the tools needed for customer service and production. You will also be trained on any of the additional items you would like to market through your portal like promo, apparel and digital ads. Your sales teams will be trained in the language and strategy used for on boarding of your current clients and how to use your new system to acquire new customers.

Is custom coding available?

Custom coding is available, and we encourage you to bring up any needs that might improve the system overall. By continually improving the technology we insure that is always the viable solution to our customers. When we do find custom improvements that will benefit our partners, we roll those out at no cost.

What if my customer already has an art file ready to go can they still place an order?

Upload art templates can be created in any file size and for multi piece packages. Along with uploading art files the customer will have the option to add to the art file once they uploaded it and the art will just act as the bottom layer.

Is there any cost for the stock images in the gallery?

The stock images are free for your customers to use on an unlimited basis, the stock image gallery is being continually added to for an ever-expanding gallery.

How do I control pricing per piece at different quantities?

The beauty of how the mail packages work is that customers are charged on the exact quantity of their mail file, we built in the ability for you to control the per piece pricing base upon quantity ranges so you can have profitable packages at smaller quantities while still being competitive on the larger ones. Pricing can also be controlled by template or user so that you don’t have to keep pricing the same across the board.