About Us

Welcome to EnFo

A software company with a manufacturers back ground, we developed a software that will change the normal work flow for printers, mailers and customers ordering. What used to take 5 days in production now takes 5 minutes.

Who Are We

Builders of the EnFo platform

Our Mission

To make what has historically been very complicated into very simple

What We Do

Create custom marketing platforms with our proprietary technology

Our history

What started as an idea to bring omni channel targeted demographic campaigns to the masses through an ordering platform developed into an all in one resource marketing center. The second great discovery came when we realized that the system we had built on the back end for ourselves as manufacturers was a game changer in the print and mail industry. No longer did the process of art, proofs, list, sort, postal paper work, client communication and payment have to take days but now could take minutes. 

Would you like to see the next evolution in marketing and manufacturing?

Please reach out to one of our partner development representatives to set up a demo